How it's made: From plant to finished CBD oil

We find the origin of our products to be the first step in quality assurance. All our hemp is sourced from eco-friendly Swedish farms. Landscapes that entail both agricultural production and biodiversity conservation. Our farmers work in harmony with human and nature to improve the livelihoods of rural communities. Happy farmers make for thriving plants!

We produce all our products in-house, that way we can walk you through every step of our production process and show you images of what our work actually looks like behind the scenes. That way we can achieve the highest level of quality control and transparency, which is one of our core values.

Many companies who sell CBD oil purchase their products from 3rd party producers, which means less control over the product and less transparency.

Preparation of the hemp

Our production process starts with sorting the plants. The plants are hand-
picked and only the plants in top condition make it into the production phase. Our employees who are responsible for this phase, have been with our company for a long time and have been educated to distinguish between the quality of different plants. As we are not only looking to produce sustainably in an ecological sense, but also in a social sense. All of our employees enjoy the best social benefits and a very high degree of job security. Other than many other companies in the agricultural sector,
we do not employ seasonal laborers and emphasize a good long-time
relationship with our employees is involved in our production.

After the rigorous selection process, the plants are ground into small
pieces, as you can see in this photo made in our production facility.

Oil Extraction

We use an extraction method called “oil extraction”. Quite simply, hemp and vegetable oil (We have found that Olive oil is the best) boil together for a long time. Simply speaking, the oil pulls out the good properties of the hemp while the heat turns creates CBD!

The reaction which is induced by heat is called Decarboxylation. It removes one of the carboxyl molecules in the CBD-A (which the hemp plant contains in its original state) and turns it into the CBD that we need. Only after this process is the human body able to interact with the CBD. We are very careful with the temperature. If the oil is heated too much, other healthy ingredients like the terpenes would be destroyed. Over the years we have carefully refined and perfected this extraction method.

...Many hours later

The oil extraction method is a long and tiring one, but it is the most natural extraction method compared to other methods. We proudly stand by the fact that we do not add any chemicals or additives in our production process.

Other producers often use other extraction methods that don’t require such high patience, because sadly enough, in our times’ people live by the motto “time is money”. We are convinced though, that our patience pays off. The quality of our product is much higher through this method and after all, we are not looking to make huge profits, we only want to supply our customers with a natural quality product.

After many hours of cooking, the oil is finally ready. It is then poured out of the boiler carefully, not to spill anything. The content of the boiler is now ready to be filtered!

Pressing the CBD oil

To make sure the oil is as pure as possible, and so we get most out of the batch that is in progress. We press the oil through a food-grade press, which is similar to presses used in wine-production


The oil is filtered several times during the production phase, to make sure the oil does not contain left over pieces of our hemp plant.


Before we bottle the oil, we test every single batch in our own chromatograph to make sure that the THC-level of the oil is under the legal limit 0.2% and that the CBD-level is on point, We go this extra mile to make sure you get exactly that high-quality oil that you have ordered. We also perform 3rd party lab tests for quality assurance and only work with labs with the best reputation, to make sure we get an unbiased expert opinion.

If you have any more questions regarding our manufacturing process, don’t hesitate to contact our support!