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Due to a lot of changed regulations and laws, we decided to rebrand ourselves and focus more on making CBD essential oils instead, as we believe that CBD in this form will be just as beneficial as it used to be. But what are essential oils, and how can one use them?

What is CBD essential oil and how is it extracted

Another name for essential oils is ethereal oils, or just the name of the plant that it was extracted from, which in our case would be Oil of Hemp. The “essential” refers to the oil containing the essence of the plant; its most characteristic scent. With the CBD essential oil, this gives it the naturally rich earthy smell, with a hint of sweetness from the hemp plant.

There are a few different ways of extracting the essence from a plant, with the most common one being through distillation. We at Apoteum use the oil extraction method, as we have come to see that this is the best way to ensure that the CBD and other active components of the hemp plant stays intact and effective. An important difference between what is labeled as essential oil and what is labeled as a fragrance is that while the former is derived purley from plants, the latter is often simply chemicals. As essential oils aren’t regulated, one should take extra care when buying it to make sure that you get the real deal, as some companies will label their chemical fragrances as essential oil.

How to use CBD essential oil

What is CBD essential oil used for, then? Like any other essential oil, the CBD one can be used to enrich your everyday products with. It works well for blending with lotions, creams, shampoo and conditioner, so that you can feel safely encased in the familiar essence of your choice for the rest of the day. Another use is to drip a few drops into your bathwater, for extra relaxation. Our skin has a tendency to absorb particles of what it comes in contact with, so with this topical application, you can reap the benefits of CBD oil in a most pleasant way. Do not apply undiluted essential oil directly on skin, it can lead to allergic reactions and injuries. All of these uses, and many more that we haven’t mentioned yet, are considered to be the practice of something called aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy and essential oil: how does it work

The theory behind aromatherapy and how it works, is based on how our sense of smell works. Whenever we smell something, it travels through the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that focuses on our survival instincts and emotions. By “manipulating” this part of the brain through smells, it is believed that one can gently trigger mood swings in the more positive direction, without the use of heavy medication. The sense of smell is also strongly linked to our memory, and is one of the main causes to the feeling of nostalgia, as one whiff of something familiar can revoke fond memories from times long gone.

Essential oils are regularly used for aromatherapy, so much so that aromatherapy is also known as essential oil therapy. When the oils are mixed together for the therapy, they can work in synergy and deliver an even more potent effect. Whether it’s for relaxation, sleep or sharpening of the mind, you will most likely be able to find plenty of recipes online on how to create a scent that’s to your liking. Or you can be adventurous and try to mix and blend completely free-hand, like a hobby alchemist.

Can aromatherapy be used with CBD oil?

Some have found use of essential oil therapy as an aid to their other medical procedures, to lessen side effects and the likes. It is highly recommended to consult with your doctor before doing this, but if you get the green light to go ahead, you might find that CBD essential oil can give some respite to your tired body, no matter if you use it in a diffuser to breath in the fumes or as a topical on specific areas.

An interesting trend that has been rising in popularity lately, is to use different essential oils when bathing in a sauna to spice up the experience. While sharp smells like eucalyptus are the most used essence at the moment, CBD hemp oil has started to find its use there as well, with its grounding earth scent. A few drops in the sauna water bucket is all that you need, before sprinkling it on the hot stones and let it steam. This will bring your sauna bath to the next level, and you can tailor it more to fit your mental needs for the day. Do not drip the essential oil directly onto the heated stones, as that might be a fire hazard.

For those that aren’t too fond of the natural CBD oil scent, we now also offer CBD essential oils with fresh smells of lemon and mint. The lemon essence has an aftertaste of mandarin, to add a sweetness to the sharper, more prominent lemon. In aromatherapy, lemon has been used for energizing and smoothing of cold symptoms purposes, just to name a few. The mint essence we use is a mix between peppermint, spearmint, and a hint of Japanese mint. In aromatherapy, the uses of mint have been many. It has ranged from relieving muscle aches, mouth wash, mosquito bites, poor appetite, and even as pesticide. In combination with CBD, these essential oils are sure to give you everything you’ve ever wished for from your aromatherapy session.

The CBD essential oils that Apoteum offer are already diluted, and can be used directly.