Sunday afternoon in Vienna. A shock for sustainable small businesses like ours. Minister Hartinger-Klein (FPÖ) wants to ban sales of foods and cosmetics that contain cannabinoids. The minister refers to an EU-regulation concerning novel foods in her press release. The EU commission refutes the interpretation of this regulation, that the regulation would deem the selling of Cannabinoid containing products illegal. Only products that were artificially enriched with CBD would fall under this regulation. Natural products like ours could hence still be sold. The minister contradicts this opinion. Costumers and sellers are left insecure.

For many companies in Austria this would mean that they would have to let countless employees go into an uncertain future. Moreover, customers of sustainable small businesses like ours would face negative consequences. Costumers would most likely only be able to get the healing CBD products in pharmacies for much higher prices. There seems to be no logical reason behind the legislation, especially as it would still be allowed to smoke CBD products. Drinking it as tea, however, wouldn’t.

The press release leaves a bitter aftertaste. It seems like the FPÖ-Minister would, once more, take the side of big pharma, instead of speaking up for the health of the Austrian population. Just recently she was in the press because of her going back on the legislation concerning smoking in restaurants.

The situation is uncertain, not only for employees but also for people who are depending on the positive effects of CBD products. CBD offers many patients a sustainable and gentle alternative to chemical concoctions and offers them relieve. Luckily, we are still able to export our products and ship them to customers in other European countries

We are calling on Minister Hartinger-Klein to ensure clarity and to reconsider her position regarding hemp products.