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Our Circulation Support + Magnesium & Camu Camu capsules provide a gentle boost of calcium, magnesium, and plenty of vitamin C, all essential for maintenance of healthy bones and blood circulation, as well as vein support. It greatly helps to lower blood pressure, and boosts the health of other vital organs of the body, including the heart. 


This product is vegan friendly and 100% pure, made with no added fillers or colours, only ingredients that will be beneficial to your body. Each batch undergoes lab tests to ensure that they keep the standard.


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As we age, we become more susceptible to diseases related to poor circulation and heart health. A key ingredient in making sure that our veins can do their job, is collagen. 


Collagen is one of the most potent proteins in our bodies, and can be seen as the glue that keeps us together. It is found in our skin, tendons, cartilage, teeth, connective tissue, aretries, and many more places. It is what keeps us feeling young and supple, but as we age the production of collagen drops, making our skin wrinkle and our joints ache, and the risk of heart diseases increases. By giving your body the tools it needs to ensure a good production of collagen, you can help keep your cardiovascular system healthy. Not only does collagen help keep your veins and skin elastic, it is also high in amino acids, with two of them being proline and arginine. Proline cleans away fat that has accumulated in your arteries, which in turn leads to a healthier blood pressure. It also repairs the tissue in the arteries, as well as the tissue in your joints. Arginine helps widen and relax the arteries, making it easier for blood to flow through, and thereby improving the blood circulation. For the synthesis of collagen, vitamin C is absolutely essential.


Our Circulation Support capsules are designed to give you the vitamin boost needed to be able to produce the sufficient amount of collagen for a healthy circulation. Of course, simply taking supplements won’t make any wonders, so we highly recommend that you combine them with a healthy, varied diet.

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