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Naturally sourced sodium bicarbonate. A natural antacid that not only helps in cases of acidity, but is also very effective against acid reflux. Soothes sensations of heartburns & sour stomachs. Acts as a natural alalising agent, neurtalises excess acids in the stomach to maintain the body’s normal pH level. 100% natural product. No preservatives, fillers or colours added. Gluten free, third party tested for purity.


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Potassium Bicarbonate has a wide array of health benefits for your bones and digestive health. It neutralizes the excessive amount of acid in the stomach, and relieves the sensations of heartburn. It also soothes pain from muscle fatigue and cramps. It not only helps ease such pains, but also supports the growth of strong bones.

We aim to provide you with the best, purest supplements. Our bicarbonate capsules are no different. They contain no added colors, fillers or auxiliaries. Plus they are made using plant-derived materials and purified water, which makes them vegan friendly. We are very strict about maintaining 100% quality in every batch produced. Our bicarbonate capsules undergo third party quality testing, and every batch has its own unique certification code. We take care of the quality so that all you have to worry about it taking your supplements regularly. Add a balanced diet and adequate rest to the mix and you’ll see visible changes in as little as two weeks.

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