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Pure Indole 3-carbinol with broccoli sprouts 2-Pack Bundle


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Our Indole 3-carbinol capsules bring together all the benefits of Indole 3-carbinol, Broccoli sprouts, Mung beans and raw hemp powder. Combined, these supplements will be more than just the sum of its parts. Together, they are great to support your cellular health and make your ready to resist the rough, northern nature of the beautiful, wild Scandinavia.

Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower provides Indole 3-carbinol. It’s said Indole 3-carbinol promotes liver detoxification and prevents estrogen induced suffering. Broccoli sprouts and Mung beans are dense in nutrients and may help with healthy aging and supporting the cardiovascular system.


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Our Indole 3-carbinol capsules contain a potent mix of mainly indole 3-carbinol, broccoli sprouts, and mung bean sprouts.

The nutrients that can be found in these ingredients are known to provide support for the body on a cellular level, as well as help prevent spikes in estrogen levels, and through that prevent some illnesses related to too high estrogen.

By combining these ingredients, Indole 3-carbinol capsules aim to not only be highly effective in supporting your cellular health, but also to help you keep your estrogen levels healthy. Unlike most other supplements, Indole 3-carbinol capsules do not contain an extract, but is instead a mixture of full spectrum ingredients that achieve a compound effect of all the constituents on your body. It is one of the reasons why Indole 3-carbinol capsules are so effective at what it does.

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