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This 10% oil is good for you who have already tried our 2% or 5% CBD oils and want an even stronger aroma! Our organic hemp oil 10% contains 1000mg CBD and is completely THC-free.

Available in 3 aromas: Natural, Lemon & Mint.

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What is CBD oil used for

After gaining popularity a few years ago, CBD oil has found many uses. There is now medicine to treat epilepsy that contains CBD, and in the United States where the CBD oil truly made an impact, the supply is big and varied. Not only when it comes to oils; there are CBD balms that can be used for relaxing and vitalizing massages, and you can get prescribed “medical marijuana” in some states, if you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or chronic pains.


The CBD oil that we sell at Apoteum is labeled as an essential oil, and while the ingredients are the same, it is not meant for consumption. Instead it can be used for aromatherapy and the likes.

How does CBD oil work

Inside of us, there is a system called the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. This system regulates a bunch of different functions in our bodies, such as sleep, memory, pain, digestion, mood, and motor control. The ECS also helps us reach homeostasis when it’s properly activated, and the component that activates it is cannabinoids, like CBD.


There are receptors all throughout our bodies that the CBD can bind to, and it doesn’t matter if the CBD comes from an outside source, as from hemp, nettles or hops, or if they’re created by the body itself. Both work equally well, but the cannabinoids deduced from the hemp can increase the body’s amount of active receptors.


A small detail is that THC, which can be found in some products, is the fastest to bind to the CB1 receptors, that are some of the most common ones in the brain and nerves. As CBD comes in at a close second, it can be worth the effort to make sure that you choose products that are high in CBD and either completely lacking, or only having small traces of THC.

What does CBD oil contain

There are different types of CBD oil, and depending on how they are made, they may contain slightly different ingredients. But if we assume that you’ve gotten your hands on some full-spectrum CBD oil, that’s been made in accordance to Apoteum’s unique extraction method, then not counting the carrier oil and omega 3 and 6, you can expect it to contain the following:


Flavonoids is the pigment in plants and egg yolk that gives it the yellow colour. It’s also a group of chemical compounds that can act as antioxidants in plants. Once upon a time flavonoids were referred to as vitamin P, even though it is not actually considered a vitamin. The main consumption of flavonoids happens through drinking tea.


Terpenes are a group of hydrocarbon compounds that are used in essential oils and many other natural products. They’re usually produced by plants, and can be found in the resin of many trees. Vitamin A consists of a certain type of terpenes. The terpenes also play a major role in the synergy effects in accordance with the full-spectrum oils.


Cannabinoids occur naturally in the hemp plant, or in Cannabis. CBD might be the most famous one at the moment, but there are other versions of cannabinoids that you’ll get when you use the full-spectrum oil: CBDA, CBDV, CBG, THCA, CBN, and THCV*. It is together that they offer the best entourage effect.


*Of course, the THC free oil does not contain any THC


Ingredients Amount
Organic olive oil (ITBIO006LD28) 9.0 ml
CBD 1000 mg
Essential Oils <1%
THC 0.0%. 

Lab Tests:

Standard CBD Oil Solution Analysis – 2019-2810
Pesticide Analysis (Institut Dr. Wagner)
Certificate of analysis (CBD Isolate)



Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.



This product is an essential oil and is not intended for internal use.

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Natural THC Free, Lemon THC Free, Mint THC Free


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