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This 25% CBD oil is the strongest and most premium CBD oil in the Apoteum sortiment. It Сontains 2500mg CBD and is completely THC-free. You can purchase the product in three aromas: Natural, Lemon and Mint.


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How to use CBD oil

Before CBD oil got classified as novel food in the EU, the most common way of using it was through the sublingual method: you keep a few drops under your tongue before swallowing. Nowadays it is illegal for many companies to sell CBD oil for consumption, and therefore this method is no longer recommended.


The CBD oil that Apoteum sells is now considered an essential oil, and works great for aromatherapy, to sprinkle in the sauna, or to blend with balms and creams. It is usually recommended to start with maybe one drop in the morning and evening, to get used to it. Thereafter the dosage can slowly increase until you feel like you’re experiencing the desired results, or until you’ve reached the daily recommendation. It varies from person to person, so don’t let anyone else dictate how many drops you should use. Using too much might lead to feelings of fatigue, and the dose should be lowered in such cases.

What strength CBD oil should I use

What determines what “strength” a CBD oil has is the percentage of CBD in it. The higher the percentage, the more CBD, and the stronger the oil.


Does that mean that the oil is better, if it’s stronger? You can generally assume that you’ll get a stronger reaction with a higher CBD percentage, but be aware of how these CBD oils are made. It is often more important to choose an oil that is well balanced instead of focusing too much on the percentage, as CBD works best when it’s combined with the other ingredients from the hemp plant. It can also be a good idea to start with a weaker oil if you’re not used to CBD yet, so that you can get accustomed to it. Who knows, maybe the 2% oil is already giving you everything you need.


It’s also worth notice that the higher the percentage of CBD in the oil, the fewer drops should you need. Don’t go overboard!

Where to buy CBD oil

Here. You can buy CBD oil here. We at Apoteum do worldwide shipping, and we have both different flavours and different strengths.


Not too long ago there were huge discussions about whether or not CBD oil should be legal, if it should be regulated, if it was safe for consumption and so on, which has left aftershocks of confusion in its wake. Still, there are companies that sell and clients that buy. The easiest is to buy it online, as it might be hard to locate physical stores that sell CBD oil near you.


You might want to take a quick look at what the law says in your specific country, and whether or not you should go for a full-spectrum oil or a THC-free oil.


Ingredients Amount
Organic olive oil (ITBIO006LD28) 8.0 ml
CBD 2000 mg
Essential Oils <1%
THC 0.0%. 

Lab Tests:

Standard CBD Oil Solution Analysis – 2019-2810
Pesticide Analysis (Institut Dr. Wagner)
Certificate of analysis (CBD Isolate)



Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.



This product is an essential oil and is not intended for internal use.

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Natural THC Free, Lemon THC Free, Mint THC Free


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