Every living thing on the planet is affected by circulation. Plants needs to transport carbon dioxide and nutrients to their cells. Similarly, animals has to transport nutrients and oxygen to every cell in their bodies. A circulatory system is also used to transport waste products from the cells in both animals and plants. Humans have something called a closed circulatory system, which consists of a large network of vessels, blood and a heart that together supplies our cells with whatever they need in order to function! We at Apoteum believe that to stay in optimal shape and health it is very important to maintain your circulatory system. The most effective way to do this is through exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. A combination of high intensity and low intensity exercise is beneficial to reduce the risk of developing serious circulatory issues! Apoteum offers a few supplement that can be beneficial to your circulatory system.

Blood Circulation & Vein Support: Circulation Support + Magnesium & Camu-Camu

Excellent dietary supplement that provides calcium, magnesium & Camu-Camu. All are essential to maintaining healthy bones & an efficient circulatory system.

Heart & Cardiovascular Combination Formula: Circulation Powder

A mixture of ingredients that support Cardiovascular health. Learn more in our detailed description.