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Our Full Spectrum Hemp Balsam comes in two strengths. One in 350mg CBD and one 750mg CBD. Picking the 350mg version is a good way to gain the benefits of a rejuvenating CBD cream without having to spend too much money on it! This 50ml cream is also of course made with only natural ingredients, period.

All ingredients are carefully extracted and refined by Apoteum.


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Rejuvenate you skin with our organic Hemp Balsam. Helps ultra-dry skin feel relieved and protected. This diligent formula is infused with hemp seed oil – rich in essential fatty acids.


A well rounded balsam with all the benefits of hemp incorporated into it. We have made sure to use only natural ingredients, meaning that we have avoided using artificial colors, perfumes or anything similar in our production process. This makes the balm have a very natural hemp smell to it. It also is green in color. Overall this might be one of the best ways to take advantage of the positive effects of a CBD balsam!

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350mg CBD, 750mg CBD


We use full spectrum CBD Oil as one of the main ingredients our hemp balsam. We strongly believe that the positive effects of CBD can stimulate the endocannabinoid system positively if applied topically in the affected areas! The endocannabinoid system consist of a network of receptors located throughout the body that are activated by cannabinoids, either by the body’s own, or by cannabinoids present in plants such as hemp, nettle, and hops. Cannabinoids derived from hemp increases the body’s number of active receptors.


Coconut Oil is a natural substance exrtacted from: Yes you might guess it! Coconuts! It is a vegetable fat that has a wide variety of uses. It has a wide range of positive benefits when used topically on the skin!


Beeswax is a natural wax that is produced by honey bees, it is a perfect substitute for mineral oils! It is also the ingredients that solidifies the balm.


Calendula Oil is a natural vegetable oil extracted from marigold flowers. It has a wide range of positive benefits including:

  • Regenerating;
  • Normalizing;
  • Antioxidant;
  • Skin body laxity control;
  • For dry and normal, tired, fragile and calloused skin; for sensitive, easily irritated skin;


Ingredients: CBD oil, coconut oil, beeswax, calendula oil (marigold flowers, rapeseed oil)

Quantity: 50 ml

CBD: 750 mg & 350 mg

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place out of reach of children.

Observe: This product is not intended for internal use.


Your Health is important, and so it is to nurture it! Our essentials line consists of general wellness products that does not fit in other categories!


Our production facilities has been used for supplements manufacturing since 1990 and are situated outside the small town of Falköping in central Sweden. Due to our experience, best practice methods and multiple rounds of testing we can ensure you that our supplements meet the highest quality available on the market. We have developed long term relationships with sustainable farmers and companies all over the world from whom we source our ingredients!


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