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As a wholesome, raw, melt-in-your-mouth delight, the Hemp Chocolate is a must for all of the chocolate lovers out there! Made with only five ingredients, you can reap the benefits of hemp seeds and cacao powder, while also satisfying your sweet tooth without worrying too much about calories. Give it a try!

All ingredients are carefully extracted and refined by Apoteum.

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What is Hemp Chocolate

Hemp chocolate is, as the name indicates, chocolate made with hemp. In this case, it’s made by mixing hemp seeds with cocoa paste and powder to get the best of both worlds, and then gently added raw sugar to combat the bitterness of raw cocoa powder. The result is a dark chocolate flavour with a slight crisp from the seeds, and just enough sweetness to satisfy the palate.

Hemp Chocolate Benefits

In creating the hemp chocolate, our aim has been to make a chocolate that is pure and tasty at the same time. With only five ingredients, you can easily keep track of what it is that you’re putting into your mouth. The hemp seeds will supply you with protein and fiber, making you feel full faster and through that prevent overeating. The lean cocoa powder and raw sugar will help keep the calories low while simultaneously offering up some micronutrients, and the product is completely gluten free.

The ingredients of Hemp Chocolate

Hemp seed

The hemp seeds in this chocolate come from the organic industrial hemp plants grown in Scandinavia. For centuries hemp seeds have been consumed by humans and animals alike, either in their original form or after they’ve been cold pressed into hemp seed oil. This is because hemp seeds are rich in not only protein, fiber and vitamins such as B and E, but also in healthy fats such as omega 3, and minerals such as iron and zinc. They are also known to have antioxidant properties. 

Cocoa Paste

Cocoa paste is made from beans of the cacao plant, just like cacao paste. After harvesting the beans, the fatty parts are separated to become cocoa butter, while the rest is used to make paste or cacao nibs. To make the paste, the beans are first fermented to develop the flavour, and then (in the case of cacao paste) grounded into a powder on low temperature, or (in the case of cocoa paste) also roasted before processed in a higher temperature into powder. This leads to cacao powder being bitter in taste but with a high nutritional value, while cocoa powder is less bitter but with a slightly lower nutritional value.

Raw Sugar

While being called raw sugar, it is still technically a processed food. What separates it from granulated sugar, is that during the process not all of the molasses are removed, but instead some is left behind to give raw sugar its golden colour and slightly caramel flavour. One can say that the darker the sugar, the more molasses are left, and the less processed it is. But it is still processed, and it is still sugar, even if it is slightly less dense in calories as compared to the white sugar. 

Lean Cocoa Powder

The combination of the word “lean” and “powder” will in most cases be referring to lean protein powder, indicating that the protein powder is low in fat, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In the same manner, the lean cocoa powder is also low in calories and fats. This in combination with the high amount of polyphenols found in cacao powder, it makes for a good and healthy candidate for consumption.

Soy Lecithin

Soy lecithin has many functions, such as working as an emulsifier, meaning that it prevents water and oil from separating, which they are prone to do otherwise. In chocolate, soy lecithin keeps it stable and smooth, and prevents fat blooms. It also has none-sticky properties and can act as a lubricant. Soy lecithin can be fully metabolized, and is considered harmless for the human body to consume.



Amount: 125g


Ingredients: Hempseed, Cocoa Paste, Raw sugar, Lean cocoa powder, Soy lecithin.


Naturally free from gluten. May contain traces of milk.


Storage: This product must be stored in a cool dry place.

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