Apoteum offers a wide assortment of different vitamins, to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. One of them is the B-complex, a product filled with all the essential B vitamins needed for a healthy body. A deficiency of vitamin B can lead to many different symptoms and illnesses, ranging from anemia to psychological conditions and decreased immune system response, not to mention the extremely important role vitamin B has in cell metabolism. Our Immuno Complex+ is packed full of vitamin C, which is crucial for the synthesization of collagen, the main building block for your connective tissue. It also cofactors in the creation of carnitine, which is a compound that helps transport fatty acids into your mitochondria. We have vitamin D in different strengths available, which is another very important vitamin that supports many different parts of the body, such as bone-health and the immune system. Vitamin D is absorbable through the skin, but if you live in a country with little sun-light, such as any country in Scandinavia, taking a supplement for maintaining vitamin D levels is recommended for preventing seasonal depression, amongst other things. We hope that you’ll find something that fits your needs!

Support your Immunity and Nervous System: Organic Vitamin B Complex + Folic Acid & PABA

Contains a unique & powerful blend of coral calcium & 11 carefully selected B vitamins (Including Vitamin B6 & B12) that are beneficial to your immunity & nervous system, digestion, stress, skin & hair health, blood pressure & heart health.

High-Dose Vitamin C for your Immunity and Nervous System: Immuno Complex + Vitamin C & Magnesium

We introduce to you our Vitamin C capsules, a perfect blend of Vitamin C, Immuno complex and magnesium. It is a wonder supplement tailored to meet all your Vitamin C needs. We offer you 99.9% pure Vitamin C in the form of Magnesium Ascorbate, no added colors or fillers, no nonsense. Take one or two capsules everyday as per your needs and you’re good to go.

Vitamin for Bone Health and Immune System: Super Immunity Vitamin D3

Provides the body with an adequate amount of Vitamin D, which ensures proper absorption of calcium. Helps in the bone mineralization process. Maintains the blood calcium & phosphorous levels, & promotes immune system health. Gluten free, lab tested for maximum purity & efficiency.


Vitamins are organic compounds that mainly act as co-catalysts together with enzymes in vital chemical reactions in our bodies. This means that the enzymes are dependent on the vitamins to be able to do their job, which in turn means that without sufficient vitamins, the whole system will collapse. Vitamins come in two forms, one that is fat soluble, and one that is water soluble. Fat soluble vitamins are A, D, E, and K, and these vitamins can be stored in the body’s fat, while water soluble vitamins are B and C, and these the body cannot store and will need to be replenished much more regularly than the fat soluble vitamins. This is best done through ingestion of vitamin rich food, but that may be easier said than done, as much of what we eat nowadays are grown on impoverished land. Therefore, if you have a vitamin deficiency, you may not only have to change your diet, but also add a supplement.


Simply speaking, you need all vitamins. The most commonly lacking vitamins are either one of the thirteen different B-vitamins, or vitamin C, but people suffering from vitamin D deficiency are not rare either, especially during the winter. While you should get most of the vitamins through your diet or exposure to sunlight, if for some reason you have vitamin deficiency, you might need to add a supplement or two. A few common symptoms for lack of vitamins might be chronic fatigue, moodiness, cramps, brittle hair and nails, easily bruised or dry skin, poor night vision, and restless legs. Taking vitamin supplements can help relieve these symptoms, but we would recommend you to always seek professional help first and foremost.