swedish flag

Hello, and welcome to our blog! Today we will be talking about some of Sweden’s moral values, and how we at Apoteum relate to them.

As a Swedish company, we have incorporated a lot of Swedish values into how we operate. But what are the Swedish values, then? 

Follow law and order

There are of course the standard ones, like to do right by yourself, follow law and order, know your rights and do your duty, and similar ones that can be found in many other countries. In accordance with these, Apoteum has a strong transparency policy, never bragging about things that we haven’t earned, but also standing proud when it comes to all the hard work that we have put in to make as healthy and pure supplements as possible, without cutting any corners. 

Believe in a joint welfare system

There are also more specific Swedish values. One of them would be how we, as a country, believe in a joint welfare system, where everyone has the equal right to a good life, be that children, the sick and elderly, or even the animals. Everyone should have the same opportunity to feel well, and with that in mind we always aim to keep a varied assortment of products, and keep exploring new ideas to ensure that no matter who you are, we will have something that fits your needs. We even have products dedicated for your pets! And as we are well aware that some of our clients have worked very hard for their money, we always offer full compensation for anything you buy, because we don’t want you to feel like it’s a gamble with your money when choosing our products; it should feel like a bargain.

Caring for the environment

Another Swedish value that has come in quite strong in the recent years, is to be aware of how your actions affect the world around you, especially the environment. As of today, Sweden is engaged in a long list of environmental works, from perseverance of endangered species, cleaning up waste along our shores to the Baltic Sea, to switching more and more into sustainable energies. Every Swede preaches recycling like it was one of the ten commandments, and recent studies have shown that many of Sweden’s youths are engaged in the topic of environmental issues, and that the majority of children are ready to change their lifestyles if that means that they can help make the future more sustainable. Oh, and let us not forget about Greta Thunberg, who has shaken the world with her strong will and no-nonsense attitude.

With this in mind, Apoteum is ready to do our part, and always make sure to keep an eye on how our production and shipping methods influence the environment. As our production happens in Sweden, we try to source as many ingredients as possible from either our own country, or from our neighbours. Only when we have no other choice do we look further away, but even then, we make sure to establish lasting relationships with the farmers we cooperate with, and only collaborate with trusted suppliers. Our aim is to offer good products with a clean conscience, and quality and sustainability is never far from our minds.

Well, there you have it, a little bit of information about Apoteum’s morale and work ethics. We hope you found it interesting, and look forward to our next blog post!