We have made it our mission to inform you critically and neutrally about all important aspects of CBD and hemp products. Every day we get many questions about our products and we will try to answer your questions bit by bit here in our Apoteum Blog. One of the most frequently asked questions that reach us on a daily basis is the following: Will you get high from CBD? We can calm you down right away: No, you will not. What makes you high when you smoke marijuana is the THC contained in cannabis.

There is so little THC in CBD products that it is not even detectable anymore. The EU regulates that it must be below 0.3% in CBD products, and our Apoteum products are well below that limit, so there is no psychoactive substance included in our CBD products. You will thus not get high from CBD, but all other good ingredients from the hemp plant are being preserved with our extraction method. Good news, then. Because our products do not contain THC, they are also available legally and are not classified as drugs.

The WHO attests in a report that CBD had “no influence on the mental or psychomotor performance” of the participants in a study carried out. Another great news for CBD users is that CBD does not cause any dependency – as the World Health Organization confirms in its report. It has even been proven that women can consume CBD without any worries during pregnancy. For products with THC, the picture looks a bit different. Although THC, like CBD, does not cause physical dependence, 5-10% of all regular users develop mental dependency. So you see, you will not get high, nor will you have to be worried about developing a dependency. CBD also has no negative side effects and influences you in no way negative in your everyday life. You can safely go to work and drive a car.