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We have complete control over our production line. From plant to finished product. Therefore we can be completely transparent with you, and at the same time assure you that the product you receive in your mailbox is of the highest Swedish quality. Read more here.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Some of our products are not cheap and we know that you have worked hard for your money. Therefore we will compensate you if you are unhappy with your order or experience with us.

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We have made it our mission to help you find alternative ways to balance your body! Everybody is different, but we can assure you that no matter your age, gender or stage in life, we have something for you! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our Assortment

Organic Tribulus + MACA & Damiana


B-Complex + Folic Acid & PABA


Super Immunity Vitamin D3 2000 IU


Super Immunity + Vitamin D3 4000 IU


Ultra Pure MSM + Organic Sulfur


Pure Bicarbonate + antacid formula


Complete Probiotics + 45 Billion CFU


The Best Vitamins & Supplements from Sweden

At Apoteum, we are committed to providing the safest, healthiest and most effective vitamins  and supplements. Our aim is to ensure that all our products only contain the very best for you, and therefore all of our products are research supported, carefully formulated, tested, and proven for maximum potency.

As a company with Swedish values, we make sure that we live up to the expectations that entails, by offering only the best, purest products, and by having a manufacturing tech that is sustainable. All our products are 100% natural, and not only do we conduct tests on all our products to ensure the highest possible quality, but we also take it up a notch by having our products third party tested. Our inspiration is to live up to the Nordic standard, and as such all of our ingredients are chosen and combined in a balanced mix for your health and wellness. All of this put together gives us the confidence to say that we provide you with some of the best supplements and vitamins that you can find.

Apoteum Products
Supplement blends based on research and experience!

Supplements tailored for your needs

It is important to remember that for all the nutrients that supplements may contain, they can never replace a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, only enhance it. It’s important to be aware of how to live healthily and to pay attention to what you eat, so that your body can fill its daily needs of nutrition. In today’s society, while the awareness might be growing, there are still many that have no idea what they put in their mouths, as they just grab what happens to be most convenient at the moment. With such a diet, the effects of supplements will be limited, however many or potent ones you might take. We recommend to take just a few seconds extra to make sure that the food you place in your shopping cart truly is worth consuming.

In the best of all worlds, you would have been able to get all the nutrients that you need just from healthy eating, but several research papers suggest that the quality of food, especially fruits and vegetables, has been decreasing during the past two decades due to degradation of the soil. As a result, our daily requirement has increased to as much as twice the amount of that of 15 years ago. Therefore, taking supplements has become a more handy way of making sure that we meet our everyday needs in our present, stress-filled lifestyle.

Supplements not only provide your body with several essential nutrients, they also condition the body and skin, and help maintain your overall health.

Apoteum Products
Sourced from sustainable farmers and companies!

Ingredients from all over the world

The Apoteum assortment offers a wide variety of supplements for all your specific needs. Our ingredients range from pure minerals and different types of vitamins, to rare and exotic superfoods such as maca and ashwagandha. One of our main principles is that “Only the highest quality ingredients are good enough for our customers”, and therefore we have established long term relationships with different partners and farmers from all over the world, whom we source only the finest ingredients from. Sustainability and eco-friendliness are also something we care deeply about, so in cases where it’s possible, we always choose the organic option from local distributors.

Inspired by Scandinavia

Super quality products produced in Sweden

We started making supplements and vitamins in Sweden, just outside the small town of Falköping over 30 years ago. We wanted to offer a healthy addition to the at-the-time not so big a market. The facilities used then are still being used to make our products, the only difference being that we now have more efficient tools and machines, that can guarantee an even better quality than before. After noticing how well our supplements were received, we decided to expand, and we have now opened up a shop in Graz, Austria.

Apoteum was inspired by the Nordic nature. The rich fauna and the soothing landscapes of Sweden inspired us to establish a company that strives to offer healthy supplements and vitamins, and to keep it all as natural as possible. Because of this philosophy, we don’t use extracts in our products, but instead opt for the powdered forms of all the ingredients. This means that when taking our supplements, you get a more full spectrum effect, than just that one key compound that extracts can offer, and nothing goes to waste. We conduct research and try out different methods to keep all our products not only good for you, but also for the planet.

Inspired by Scandinavia

Buy High-End Natural Health Products

With everything mentioned already, we have good faith that we’ll have something that will suit just your needs, be it vitamins, minerals, something for digestion, or just that extra boost that will help you feel good throughout the day. We pride ourselves with fast, worldwide shipping, and have a dedicated staff that works around the clock to make sure that you can feel safe and secure when buying our products.

As new research is done, out assortment keeps expanding, and we’re constantly widening our horizons. Now with the opening of our store in Graz, if you happen to pass by, you are utmost welcome to drop by and check out our products in person, or just stop for a chat with our staff over there. We look forward to making your acquaintance!