What is essential? Your health and wellness. That is the pillar on which Apoteum’s foundation stands on. Our idea is that human wellbeing ultimately comes down to four important points 1: Diet, 2: Regular exercise, 3: Mental health & 4: Environmental factors. You can change your health drastically by making improvements on these four points, such as changing eating habits, getting that gym membership & seeing a therapist. The environmental factors are harder to change. You are born with a certain genome and might inherit certain risk of disease from your parents. Here it is important to identify these risks and make lifestyle choices based on that. But no matter at which point in life you are in, we at Apoteum believe that we can help you with the diet part, and give you you access to some of the tools that can help you improve your lifestyle!

Joint Support for Arthritis: Ultra Pure MSM + Organic Sulfur

Sulphur is the lubricant of your joints! These MSM (Or Methylsulfonylmethane) capsules are extremely pure and bioavailable. Apoteum’s MSM capsules are the perfect supplement for your joint health!

Thyroid, metabolism supplement: Thyroid Support Complex + With Natural Iodine

Apoteum’s Thyroid Complex Capsules are made of makro algea from the ice sea around Iceland. These makro algea contains a massive amount of Iodine, and therefore is a good addition to a diet for someone with thyroid issues.

Natural heartburn relief supplement: Pure Bicarbonate + Antiacid Formula

A capsule packed with a natural anti-acid formula to help you relieve conditions such as acid reflux also known as heartburn.

Maintain your digestive health, immune system: Complete Probiotics + 45 Billion CFU

A complete replenishment of your gut. This supplements contains over 45 Billion Lactic Bacteria.